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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Don't Feed the Seagulls - They'll Help Themselves!

As you will have realised from my writings Llandudno is a lovely place to live or just to visit with our beautiful beaches and many sights to see.

BUT there is a problem here - you may well get mugged - especially if are carrying food!

The muggers in question are gulls but, don't panic, they can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions.

Don't walk along the prom with food in your outstretched hand that's just asking for trouble. The gulls will swoop down over your head and take it right out of your hand - I know from experience! If you have an ice cream or a sandwich hold it near to your body. This makes it very difficult for the gull to swoop.

If you are eating fish and chips or a picnic sit somewhere such as one of the shelters along the prom or sit under trees - anywhere that makes it difficult for the gulls to swoop.

It is also worth mentioning that these birds are big and can be very frightening if they swoop on small children.

At the weekend my sister and brother in law were here and after a walk we stopped for a drink sitting outside a local pub. The tables where people had been eating were not cleared quickly and this was the result. All credit to my sister, Helen, for the excellent photographs by the way!

There are signs around the town reminding you not to feed the seagulls but as you can see you don't have to feed them - they will help themselves!

As I say just be aware that they have grown to associate people with food and will attempt to steal it from you if you don't take care. When we are working on the prom on Sundays we often see people having their chips stolen!

Be warned but don't be too scared just take precautions and you will be fine!


  1. We enjoyed our weekend - even the seagulls and the goats too - more can be seen here

  2. I think this problem is fairly widespread. I know that Devon and Cornwall have seagull problems........ swooping down on people eating.
    It is all caused by people feeding them in the first place.

    I once went to Llandudno when I was a child and there was a fabulous place nearby called Abbersoch. I remember really liking it there.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May