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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Mew - the RNLI Fundraising Cat!

A while ago I introduced you to our cat Mew and I told you that he is Mr February on the 2011 RNLI calendar.

Earlier this year we had a request for more cat pictures for the 2012 calendar and I sent in a few of Mew  hut heard nothing so I assumed his fame was to be short lived.

We have now received our Christmas cards and calendars to sell on the stall and guess what? Now if you can't guess what I am going to say next you really aren't concentrating are you? LOL!

Yes - that's right - he's there again! This time he's Mr June with a cropped version of the above photograph.

So he is officially a fund raising cat! We sell souvenirs from a stall on the prom every Sunday here in Llandudno and I proudly show people the picture and say - that's my cat!!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

RNLI Sblash Llandudno Sea Swim

I am pleased to report that the choir concert last weekend was a great success and about £500 was raised for the RNLI overall.

On Saturday 18th June 2011 there is an altogether different event - again run by the RNLI - and this time it is a sea swim in Llandudno Bay. This beach has Blue Flag status so the water is clean and safe to swim in!

Swimmers can do one lap of the course which is 750m or two laps for 1,500m at the same time familiarising themselves with the swimming course for the Triathlon which will take place here next month.

The race will start at 11am and entrants are encouraged to raise money for the RNLI through sponsorship.

More details can be found at

Of course the RNLI stall selling souvenirs will be on the prom on Sunday so you can treat yourself and help the lifeboats at the same time - see you there!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Don't Feed the Seagulls - They'll Help Themselves!

As you will have realised from my writings Llandudno is a lovely place to live or just to visit with our beautiful beaches and many sights to see.

BUT there is a problem here - you may well get mugged - especially if are carrying food!

The muggers in question are gulls but, don't panic, they can be avoided by taking a few simple precautions.

Don't walk along the prom with food in your outstretched hand that's just asking for trouble. The gulls will swoop down over your head and take it right out of your hand - I know from experience! If you have an ice cream or a sandwich hold it near to your body. This makes it very difficult for the gull to swoop.

If you are eating fish and chips or a picnic sit somewhere such as one of the shelters along the prom or sit under trees - anywhere that makes it difficult for the gulls to swoop.

It is also worth mentioning that these birds are big and can be very frightening if they swoop on small children.

At the weekend my sister and brother in law were here and after a walk we stopped for a drink sitting outside a local pub. The tables where people had been eating were not cleared quickly and this was the result. All credit to my sister, Helen, for the excellent photographs by the way!

There are signs around the town reminding you not to feed the seagulls but as you can see you don't have to feed them - they will help themselves!

As I say just be aware that they have grown to associate people with food and will attempt to steal it from you if you don't take care. When we are working on the prom on Sundays we often see people having their chips stolen!

Be warned but don't be too scared just take precautions and you will be fine!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

England meets Wales with much singing!

On Saturday 11th June 2011 there will be an evening of music in The Town Hall, Llandudno.

The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir from Derbyshire have very kindly offered to perform in aid of the RNLI and the Penrhyn Welsh Male Voice Choir will be joining them - hence the tag line England meets Wales!

It promises to be a wonderful evening so if you fancy hearing some traditional male voice choir music The Town Hall in Lloyd Street, Llandudno is the place to be on Saturday 11th June 2011.

Admission costs just £5 and the doors open at 7pm with the performance beginning at 7.30pm.

There will also be RNLI souvenirs on sale.