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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I've played with Zoobles!

Not long after joining the postman brought me a surprise parcel which contained some Zoobles from Spinmaster which we could play with and then review.

The ones that I received were called Unga and Bunga although I understand that there are about 300 for you to collect – an excellent marketing idea!

Unga and Bunga are a ‘mama and zoobling’ which is the name for a Zooble baby and they came complete with what they call a Hapitat which, in this case, is a tree with a swing.

The Zoobles themselves are like little balls and when we placed mama on the Hapitat she popped open (courtesy of a hidden magnet) to reveal the Zoobling.

The ones that I had were very pretty, colourful and quite girly so, unless some of the others are more ‘boy orientated’ I would suggest that these would appeal to girls more so than boys.

They are available from major stores and online sites such as Amazon, Toys R Us and Tesco’s and the single ones start from £6 - £10 but there are multiple packs and other Hapitats available too.

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