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Thursday, 21 April 2011

An Introduction to Mew

When we moved to our cottage on The Great Orme in Llandudno a stray cat kept coming to our door and meowing so loudly that we eventually allowed him to adopt us. We asked him what his name was and he said 'Mew' so that's his name!
If any of you think you recognise him it could be because he found fame this year (2011) as Mr February on the RNLI calendar and this is the photograph that they used.

At the moment his favourite thing is catching rabbits and eating them - six so far in the last seven days! I do feed him honestly!

I'll keep you posted on Mew's adventures as my new blog develops.


  1. I LOVE your kitty. We're surrounded by them at the moment. Yours eats rabbits? That's a tough cat!

  2. Rabbits?! WOW! Thats one fiesty cat to go after them! Blimey!!! He is very sweeet!

  3. Hi Mew! Are rabbits tasty? I've never had any.