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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lifeboat Fun on the Promenade!

On Easter Saturday and Sunday we will be dusting off the tables and setting up our souvenir stall on the prom at Llandudno for the first time this season.We start at about 9am by fetching out all the tables, setting them up and covering them with souvenirs to sell and finish at about 6pm by putting everything away again! So you can see it's a long day and it is hard work but it is also great fun!

We sell all sorts of things from pens and notepads to toys and teddies and from tea towels and sweets to key rings and fridge magnets so there is something to suit every budget. There are far too many things to mention here so you'll have to come along and take a look.

This year we also have a range of 150th anniversary items as we have had a lifeboat on site at Llandudno for 150 years now and I will be telling you all more about that in later posts. We have various events planned during the year too and I will keep you posted on those too.

Our lifeboat will also be on display on the slipway next to the stall ready for action if she is needed.

We do the same thing again the following weekend on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the May Day Bank Holiday and Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza. This year we will be on the prom for 5 out of 10 days so we will be needing a rest after all that I can tell you!


  1. We've got lots of lovely items from your stall!! My pink diary is pictured on my blog this week actually! Helen x

  2. I love Llandudno! We were there when the Lifeboat was out a few years ago - great fun!